Video: Nicki Minaj’s ‘Super Bass’ Slowed Down Sounds Like Jay-Z

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Nicki Minaj slowed down is Jay-Z

I know, at first the headline — that is, the discovery made by Vice's Jamie Lee Curtis Taete — seems like too easy of a joke. Sure, slowing down a song, especially a blindingly fast rap like Nicki Minaj‘s “Super Bass,” probably sounds like any guy. But no, you have to actually listen, because somehow it suddenly sounds like Jay-Z has taken the mic.

For any nonbelievers, I'll admit that yes, the effect is better on the actual rap parts, less so on the chorus. But then, how can we believe the above photo?!

Spooky, right? Our new theory is that Jay-Z actually sings every rap song you've ever heard, and then it's manipulated every which way to create the “voices” of other performers.

We're kidding, obviously. But it's still a fun phenomenon to witness at the end of a Monday. Of course, now we have to wonder—if you speed up Nick Minaj, does she sound like Blue Ivy Carter?