Nicki Minaj Pours Her Heart Out To Ellen, And Ellen Responds By Scaring The Crap Out Of Her

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Nicki Minaj Ellen scare video December 2014

Ellen DeGeneres really likes to scare people. This we know. However, she might want to rethink the context of her scares. For example, she had Nicki Minaj on her show this week, and they talked about some lighthearted things like the impressions she did of Beyonce and Kim Kardashian on SNL a couple of weeks ago. That might have been a better time to have the guy pop out of the table than the time Ellen chose.

The time Ellen chose was right after Nicki poured her heart out to her. We all know how good Ellen is at getting celebrities to let down their guards, whether it's by embarrassing themselves in public or admitting their deepest, darkest emotions. In this case, Ellen asks Nicki about the inspiration for her music, and if something is going on that she wants to talk about. Nick responds by explaining why she's “really happy” and has grown from difficult experiences and had an emotional year, etc. She goes on and on, and I thought there must have been a mistake in titling the video “Ellen Scares Nicki Minaj.” How could Ellen do that to her after she let herself be so vulnerable?

But of course the scaring does happen. Whereas Ellen probably should have had some sort of signal (scratching her nose, saying a code word, waving her arms in a very obvious manner) that called off the scare, she just goes through with it after replying to Nicki with a generic “I am so glad that you're feeling peaceful. You know how much I love you.” I hate to question Ellen's compassion, but something tells me she didn't hear a word of what Nicki said. I'm guessing the only thing going through her mind was, “Gotta get to that scare. When is she gonna stop talking?” Please scare responsibly, Ellen.