Here’s The GIF Of Nicki Minaj Holding Her Dress Together Onstage At The VMAs

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Nicki Minaj VMAs wardrobe malfunction 2014 holding dress together


Once upon a time, long ago, Nicki Minaj completely missed her quick change at the Video Music Awards. Except it wasn't long ago — it was just now, it was dangerously close to a nip slip, and she handled it like a champ.

The show opened with Ariana Grande singing ‘Break Free', then Nicki singing ‘Anaconda', and then the goddess who is Jessie J bringing it all together for all three of them to sing ‘Bang Bang'. (Which is my pick for the song of the summer, for whoever was wondering.) So in case you aren't super skilled at math and didn't put this together on your own, there was verrrrry little time in between Nicki's solo performance and the group number. Probably about forty-five seconds, if that.

Nicki Minaj wardrobe malfunction 2014 VMAs GIF(via)

And since this is the VMAs, you know she had to change costumes in between, transitioning from a sparkly green two-piece number with a bra portion and ultra-tight short-shorts to a black dress with cut-outs. Or maybe it wasn't supposed to have cut-outs, because the point is — girl did not make her quick-change. Like not even close. She came out with her hand seemingly holding the two halves of her dress together over her body, and she never let it go.

Jessie and Ariana were dancing around and stuff, but all Nicki could really do was stand there and bob around. Luckily her mic wasn't hand-held, so she could still sing and rap, but holy crap! I'm honestly surprised she even made it out there, because it looked like she was about an inch away from a complete wardrobe malfunction meltdown. Props to her for making it through the performance! Proves she's a real professional.