Working With Nicki Minaj Is Apparently ‘Hideous Torture’, And I Quote

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Nicki Minaj at Met Gala May 2013Have I ever told you guys that one of my most favorite things on god's whole green earth is behind-the-scenes gossip? The low-down? The skinny? Good, old-fashioned dirt? Well it is, in all of its many forms, and no matter what you call it, I'm obsessed. I know I'm a super creep because when people ask what I would choose if I could have any superpower, I always say invisibility, so I could skulk around observing peoples' lives. That's my dream.

So when a Paper Magazine editor by the name of Mickey Boardman starts talking about his experiences working with different celebrities, I am already on the edge of my seat. When he's mentioning names like known divas Mariah Carey and Lindsay Lohan, I am practically salivating. But then he says that those two were actually remarkably easygoing, and that the real issue was with Life Size Barbie Nicki Minaj. Read on for details:

“Nicki Minaj was not fun. The Nicki thing turned out fine in the end, but it was two weeks of hideous torture and [her] walking off shoots. We had hired a photographer who’d shot her before. She liked the pictures, so we got him to shoot her again for the cover a year or two later. The first day of the shoot, she was locked in a room with her hair and makeup team, people whom she picked — she made them put [all her hair/makeup] on, then take it off. She would not let anyone from our team, stylists or photographers, talk to her. She came out and it was a mess. The photographer took some shots and she said, “Let me see.” He [showed her] five frames and she walked off — it was insanity. I had to sign up for AOL Instant Messenger so I could talk to her later, and she hung up on me on AIM. It was a super headache. We were going to do another shoot and then she had to cancel the day before. In the end everything was set up, but she wouldn’t use the stylist that we had. [Eventually] we got it, and the pictures looked great.”

Most of that stuff strikes me as pretty traditional, whacked in the head narcissist stuff, but the AIM thing I can't get over. Does the girl not have Gchat? Or a cell phone? Or a working time machine to get back to 2013? Honestly, this really just encourages my fun theory that someone traded bodies with Nicki Minaj a long time ago and she really is the thirteen year old girl that she dresses, acts, and speaks like. YOU GUYS I SOLVED THE MYSTERY.

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