Nicki Minaj Used Last Night’s Awards To Throw Shade At Iggy Azalea While Insisting She Wasn’t Throwing Shade

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Nicki Minaj BET Awards June 2014

Remember the good old days when acceptance speeches just involved actually accepting the award and thanking the people who helped you achieve it before calmly walking off the stage without insulting anyone or bragging about yourself? Nicki Minaj probably doesn't. For her, acceptance speeches are four-minute-long ramble fests that involve throwing shade while insisting she's not throwing shade. Like at last night's BET Awards, specifically.

Nicki won the award for Best Female Hip-Hop artist for the fifth year in a row. That's great! Good for her! Since she's been through this so many times you'd think she'd get up on stage, give a short little thank you, and be off. Nope, that was too much to ask. Instead she declared, “When you hear Nicki Minaj spit, Nicki Minaj wrote it.” Ah, referring to yourself in the third person. Classic. People are thinking this was a reference to fellow nominee Iggy Azalea, who's rumored to use ghostwriters. Nicki also recently laughed off a Forbes article suggesting Iggy runs hip-hop.

Oh, and there was also the moment earlier in the show when she appeared to be mocking Iggy during her performance of “Fancy.” It was all caught in Vine form, don't you worry.

Nicki also took the opportunity to touch on race and not seeing herself as a “female rapper,” but then she quickly departed from those subjects and veered into “What are you talking about right now, Nicki Minaj?” territory. Apparently just the other day Nicki thought she was going to die (of what she never specifies, although she appears to be very much alive now), but didn't want to call an ambulance because she was worried TMZ would see her, which made her realize she doesn't care what people say anymore. Congratulations? Oh, also she hopes BET continues to “honor authenticity.” Which I'm sure also has nothing to do with Iggy Azalea.

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