Now That I’ve Heard Nick Peterson Say A Whole Sentence On Bachelor Pad, He’s Going To The Finale

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Up until last night's episode of Bachelor Pad, I'd say I heard Nick Peterson speak approximately four times, with a grand total of maybe twenty words. The camera barely even bothered following him because he never did or said anything interesting. There were whole episodes where I forgot he was even on the show. I don't know if it's a strategy or not, but so far he's just been coasting along, staying under the radar. He only barely missing being eliminated before David, who wasn't even on The Bachelorette, he was just a fan of the show, and the only person he ever made out with was Donna, another fan of the show who was eliminated that same night even though Nick tried to save her. In short, this guy is non-memorable, a non-threat…a non-competitor.

…until last night. We started out with four couples, who had to answer trivia questions about Bachelor Pad to keep their partners from falling off their precarious perches and into the pool. Blakely and Tony were the first pair eliminated, then Rachel and Nick, and then Jaclyn and Ed, making Sarah and Chris the winners. Again. The only bright side for everyone who hates Chris and Sarah (which is pretty much everyone) was that they didn't receive roses or immunity. Instead, they had to decide on the spot which couple went home. They chose Blakely and Tony, for which I'm extremely grateful as that team represented far too much sniveling and whimpering for my tastes. So we're down to three. Please note that even in this part of the episode, Nick still hasn't appeared except in passing.

Now the remaining three couples go to the Palladium, where they meet the band Night Ranger and find out that, for their competition, each pair will have to learn and perform the song ‘Sister Christian' in front of a live audience. Their performances will be judged by the band itself, and the winning team will receive roses and proceed directly on to the finals.

Enter Nick. In addition to memorizing the songs, the couples also had to come up with choreography and costumes, and once that shitty wig was on Nick's head, he was like a new man. Not one single person on the show had a good voice, but Nick was busting out dance moves and charisma that made no sense with the non-person we'd gotten to know from the mansion. He and Rachel had by far the best performance, and they won, guaranteeing themselves a spot in the finale and also earning the dubious reward of choosing the team that would accompany them there.

Now, at first, I thought this was an obvious slam dunk. Rachel and Jaclyn are best friends, so of course she's gonna take take her to the finals. But I forgot to account for Nick. Nick is tight with Chris, and also makes the strong point that none of the other teams like Chris and Sarah, so they should go to the finale with them, since it's previous contestants' votes that choose the winner. I don't know if it's because she was genuinely swayed by his surprisingly convincing argument, or just shocked that Nick was talking this much, but either way, Nick somehow got his way and Jaclyn and Ed were sent home, leaving the least likely two couples that I could've possibly imagined.

It took a while for your true colors to come out, Nick, and I'm still not even sure it wasn't just a fluke, but good on ya, buddy, you played a weirdly strong game.