You Can Now Watch Nick Offerman Drink Scotch by the Fire for 45 Minutes Straight

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Nick Offerman yule log

You know those yule log videos you can play around the holidays in case you don't have a fireplace where you live, or, alternatively, if you do have a fireplace but don't want to risk burning your house down by using it? You've probably thought at least once while watching them, “Damn, this is so toasty and seasonal. But it would be so much better if only Nick Offerman were sitting next to the fire in a comfy leather armchair sipping a glass of scotch and looking into the camera.” Because obviously. Who wouldn't want to watch that, am I right? Well, now you can.

The video promotes Lagavulin Single Malt Scotch Whisky, and yes it really is just Nick Offerman sitting next to a fire for 45 straight minutes. Welcome to the 21st century. I must admit that I did not watch the video in its entirety. Rather, I just skipped through it a bit to see if he ever says anything, and/or if Megan Mullally ever shows up. It doesn't appear that either of those things happen, but that's okay. And don't worry, it's not just a cardboard cutout of Nick Offerman. He's the real thing. He moves and everything. He even crosses and uncrosses his legs and pours himself more scotch at one point. Thrilling!

Perhaps the best part of this video, besides everything, is that Nick has his mustache back! He was freaking me out there for a while without it. I keep forgetting he's on Fargo this season because his upper lip is so bare that I don't even recognize him. Good to see he's got his full face of hair back. It's as it should be, and now thanks to this video I have a new favorite holiday tradition. God bless us, everyone.