Nick Offerman, In True Ron Swanson Fashion, Built Stephen Colbert A Table

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Nick Offerman  in True Ron Swanson Fashion  Built Stephen Colbert a Table Nick Offerman Stephen Colbert table April 2016 jpg

I can’t decide what’s more delightful — finding out that actors are exactly like the characters they play on TV, or that they couldn’t be more different. (And I don’t mean that in the “Oh no, they’re so nice on TV and in real life they’re terrible!” way.) Every time I see Nick Offerman do pretty much anything, though, I lean towards the former. Because he is Ron Swanson. I mean, sure, Nick has a beard in addition to his mustache (when he even has a mustache at all), but they’re still pretty darn similar.

Take, for instance, Nick’s appearance on The Late Show last night. After sitting down and drinking from his provided mug, Nick decided that the set could really use a table to set it down on. And lo and behold, he had already made one for that specific purpose. As he explained to host Stephen Colbert, the table is made of “California myrtle, also known as bay laurel, with eastern black walnut legs.” He also plugs his woodworking website OffermanWoodshop.com before requesting that Stephen and his guests use a coaster, because who would want to tarnish such a rustically beautiful piece of furniture?

Colbert says that’s the second best gift he’s ever gotten from a guest, as it’s hard to beat the kiss he got from Helen Mirren last month. I’m sure Nick understands, though. Let’s just cross our fingers that Gwyneth Paltrow doesn’t get her hands on that table and decide to mass market it like that similarly shiny-haired lifestyle guru did with Ron’s handcrafted chair in that episode of Parks and Recreation. (Bet you thought I only had a detailed memory of 30 Rock episodes, didn’t you? Well, think again, my friend. I remember all.)

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