If You Simultaneously Want To Donate To Charity And Watch Nick Offerman Get Naked, This Is The Video For You

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Look, I love charity. I'm all for helping people out. But I'm more for seeing my favorite celebrities get naked. And finally, there's a celebrity who understands that it's possible to do both. Hello Nick Offerman! Those clothes look nice on you, almost as nice all they'll look off.

Getting creeped out? Click the X on your screen. Getting intrigued? Well keep on reading.

On October 21st Night of Too Many Stars will be airing on Comedy Central at 8 pm. It's a star-studded fundraiser that aims to raise money for Autism programs. Every celebrity you've ever wanted to speak to and sleep with and touch discretely showed up to film it last weekend and we had major fomo just looking at photos.

But luckily the fun's just begun since Nick Offerman joined in on the fundraising today. He's offered to strip down if you pay up. That's right. The more you pay, the more you see. Dreams do come true. Especially if your dreams involve seeing Ron Swanson slowly tear off pieces of his flannel shirt.

I know, you're getting giddy just thinking about it. Wait until you watch the video and see him start to show some skin. Then after you're  in the mood to write some steamy Parks and Recreation fan fic and before you actually do it, make sure sure to donate. It's only $1000 to get a nip slip.