Nick Offerman Talks Mustaches, Proceeds To Make Make Your Day

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Nick Offerman Movember 2013

You've heard of Movember, right? You know, when guys spend the month of November growing out their mustaches to raise awareness for prostate cancer? Of course, of course. Also, you know who Nick Offerman is, correct? Parks & Recreation's Ron Swanson, King of the Mustaches, and one half of an adorable marriage to Megan Mullally? Well, last Movember, he teamed up with Made Man and starred in a viral video that aimed to teach the smooth-faced people of the world how to grow their very own mustaches. And, now, he's back for Movember 2013 to improve the world, yet again, by reminding us just how important the mustache actually is. Shame on everyone who dares underestimate its significance, because it really is not to be trifled with.

I'm so glad that this partnership is a thing, because they've crushed it once again. I never knew that I wanted a video of Nick Offerman's face photoshopped into portraits of famous moments in history but that's just because I didn't know how great it would be. I'll actually never be able to think about any of the events mentioned in the video without being disappointed that Nick isn't there to point out how, every time, it was a mustache that saved the day. Really, we don't give mustaches enough thanks for all of their hard work and contribution. And, now, I'm just pretty sad that I can't grow one of my own.

But, if you've got the special ability to do so, you should totally participate in Movember because it's such a cool way to go about raising awareness for prostate cancer, which is an incredibly important issue. And if you've got friends or family who you think would be into it, let them know, too! Everyone who's interested can head over to Movember.com to register. And, for more of Made Man's Movember-inspired programming and events, check out Mo Central!