Megan Mullally And Nick Offerman Perform Riskay’s ‘Smell Yo Dick’ Together, Are The Best Couple

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Nick Offerman and Megan Mullally are the best and cutest couple in comedy television. And if you didn't believe that already, check out this video of them performing Riskay‘s 2007 infidelity classic, “Smell Yo Dick.”

At a recent LA performance of her musical comedy duo Nancy and Beth, Megan Mullally introduced her next song innocently enough, saying, “it's not so much a song as it is kind of a poem.” She then launched into a fairly good imitation of the intro to the Riskay song, n-word and all.

I feel I should remind everyone that white people are not to use that word, even when covering a song that was written by a black person. But I liked the rest of it, so I'll ignore that for a second. Like in the original, Megan and her partner Stephanie Hunt juxtaposed the loveliness of the melody with the crude request to smell the man's dick to find out whether or not he'd been cheating. And then Nick Offerman kicked things up a notch by coming out onstage to do the rap verse! (The threat of violence against women contained in said verse may or may not be balanced out by the fact that this song is clearly an R. Kelly style melodrama!)

While I know Nick is a talented guy with a rather large acting range, I'm still impressed with how well he did. And while the whole thing is just a bit embarrassing, it's Megan and Nick, so it is also adorable. One gets the sense that they have a lot of fun together, both onstage and off. Let's just hope she never has to ask that question of him sincerely.

Here is the original, for comparison:

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