Nick Offerman Calling Megan Mullally His ‘Teacher’ Is Guaranteed To Warm Your Heart

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Nick Offerman Conan video 2013

Nick Offerman is a funny man. He's one of the best parts of Parks and Recreation (and he's been robbed of countless awards for it), he gives funny interviews, and he stars in funny movies. It's always fantastic to watch him go on talk shows and do funny things. I love it, give me more of it, it's the best. But I also love that he's able to take a break from the funny stuff and be a little serious and sincere. Need an example? Look no further than his appearance on Conan last night, where he took a few seconds to compliment his wife Megan Mullally.

After doing a great little bit about how his intimidating glare helped him in his job as a bouncer (don't you worry, he demonstrates it), Conan asks what his wife thinks of his beard. Nick reveals that it's for a play he and Megan are doing together, and with barely any pause, he goes on to say, in the sincerest manner, that Megan is his “teacher,” and he has “the best seat in the house” watching her performance. And then he goes right into giggling about what Megan thinks of his various hairdos. Simple as that. I just love that he's able to effortlessly shift between tones like that and feels so comfortable taking a break from being hilarious (which everyone expects from him, because duh) to give an honest compliment about his wife.

This is what I love about Nick and Megan's relationship in general. They're both hilarious separately, so put together they're a hoot (yeah, I'm bringing “hoot” back, jealous?), and I can't get enough. But you can also tell that they have this incredible respect and admiration for each other, no jokes involved. It's just lovely.

And can we just discuss the fact that Nick views his wife as his “teacher”? Is that not just the heartwarmiest thing you've ever heard in the history of heartwarmingness? It gives even Cheerios commercials a run for their heartwarming money, and those commercials are gosh darn heartwarming.

Oh, and did I mention that Nick also talks about making cards for Megan with pieces of nature adhered to them? I can only hope that someday someone will do something even remotely close to that for me.