Nick Jonas Will Play A Deadbeat Dad On Last Man Standing

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Usually it's married-man Kevin Jonas who's attached to baby rumors, but now it's his younger brother Nick Jonas who's a father… on TV, that is. He'll join Tim Allen‘s groan-inducing new sitcom Last Man Standing, playing Ryan, the deadbeat dad of Mike Baxter's (Tim) grandson. The character has gotten a lot of off-screen abuse, but the first time we'll actually see him is in the series' Christmas episode.

As I understand it (having not seen the show), Ryan knocked up Mike's daughter Kristin (Alexandra Krosney) but left her to raise the baby at home with her parents. At least one review has praised how Kristin is an admirable character as a world-weary teenage mom, so it might be that the writers set Ryan on the opposite end of the spectrum and make him wholly unlikable.

It's definitely a big jump from Nick's prior TV characters: He's mostly played variations on the pop star, from a thinly-veiled version of himself on Disney Channel's JONAS to a bratty celebrity on Mr. Sunshine. Playing a guy saddled with responsibilities — even if he ran away from them — is a much more mature role.

Though we probably won't tune in the night it airs, we're still curious to see how Last Man Standing treats Nick's uninvolved teen dad. The show has proven itself to be intensely critical of anything that falls short of a macho man (read: gay men), so I can't imagine they have much respect for kids who hit it and quit it and then don't pay child support.