Nick Jonas ‘Who I Am’ On Jay Leno

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Nick Jonas & The Administration performed Who I Am last night (January 28th) on Jay Leno. How do you think they did?

In his interview with VMAN, Nick revealed that he is inspired by classic artists. “My real musical discovery started when I was 10 with Stevie Wonder and the Jackson 5, and acts that I connected with because they were young when they were doing it, like me,” Nick told the magazine. “Then I kind of came into my own a couple of years later, I found new artists that shaped my musical landscape. For instance, Kings of Leon played a big part in that.

He also expressed his religious belief and how it relates to his music. “My faith plays a big part in who I am: a Christian guy playing pop-rock music. I’m in a pop-rock band, not a Christian band,” he says.