Did Uncle Jesse Inspire Nick Jonas’ New Mercy Tattoo?

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Joe Jonas and Nick Jonas got sikk new tattoos recently that made me totally want to move to a large house in New Jersey with them and get a reality TV show deal. I know they got these hawt new tattoos because they tweeted them.

Here's a fun fact you probably didn't know about entertainment blogging. Every time a celebrity gets a tattoo and tweets it out, bloggers are legally required to analyze the  meaning behind it. The same goes for drastic haircuts and engagement-type rings not worn on the ring finger.

Can't fight the law on this one guys. It's my job. So let's begin.

Joe Jonas went for the incredibly obvious tribal tattoo that needs no explanation. It's either that or a Hollister shirt. He chose the lesser of two evils.

However our baby boy Nick Jonas went for something a little more vague. A simple Mercy written in a faux-cursive.


What does it mean and how do we interpret it in the larger context of pop culture? Well, I'll admit at first this tattoo completely stumped me. Mercy? From the popular sadistic children's game, Mercy? No that wasn't it. JoBros don't play games, especially hand games.

Then it hit me.

UNCLE JESSE! Yes, Jesse Katsopolis (John Stamos) totally inspired this tattoo. It's such a no duh moment that I feel like moving into the attic of a crowded house and procreating with my brother-in-law's co-worker. Nick Jonas is clearly a Full House fan and he clearly wants us to know that.

Let's look at the facts. Nick Jonas got a Mercy tattoo on his arm and Uncle Jesse made the phrase “have Mercy” his signature phrase on the show. Also Full House played 15 times yesterday in syndication around the country. And as we know from our online conspiracy theory classes, nothing's a coincidence. Nothing's too insignificent or too retweeted to be analyzed.

Now we just need to know his stance on Kimmy Gibler's abusive treatment at the hands of the Tanners. Because it really wasn't okay.

(Photo: ThingsWeLoveBlog)