Nick Jonas Performs Solo Less Than A Week After The JoBros Break Up, Hashtag Too Soon

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Wow, really getting around, aren't we, Nick?

As you might have already heard, the Jonas Brothers broke up last week. It was understandably devastating for the entire universe, so much so that I think the United Nations held a meeting to discuss whether or not Halloween should be canceled so as not to make light of this worldwide tragedy. Ultimately they decided everyone needed some choco-therapy anyway to recover. But it looks like someone is moving on from the decision quite happily. That someone is Nick “Share My Heart With My Brothers” Jonas, who performed a solo gig on Sunday less than a week after the band announced their split. Um, how many different ways can I say “betrayal”?

E! Online calls the performance at Live at the Vineyard in Napa Valley, California “intimate” and quotes Nick's tweet from Sunday morning: “Wine and music tonight. Who's coming to Live in the Vineyard tonight?” Ugh, just look how cavalier he's being. It's like he's completely forgotten he ever had bandmates or brothers or virginity buddies. Would it kill you to wait a little longer? To allow for a mourning period? To give your fans a chance to light candles and say a prayer in front of the “Sorry, that page does not exist” message that pops up when you go to the deleted Twitter account? Have you no compassion?

While we initially suspected that Joe Jonas was the reason for the breakup, since he's sort of the loosest cannon of the three, all my eyes (well, the two that I have) are now on Nick. Between his “I felt trapped” comment and this new musical betrayal, I'm ready to point my judgey finger his way. Did I mention also he has a movie coming out called Careful What You Wish For? And here's a fun fact I just learned from my best friend Wikipedia. Did you know that the Jonas Brothers started as a solo act for Nick? And that the record producer liked the sound of his brothers singing with him so much that he signed them all? Just a little interesting tidbit to ponder on a boring date or at your next Conspiracy Theorists Anonymous meeting.

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