Nick Jonas Tries To Seduce Miley Cyrus Away From Liam Hemsworth, That’s Cool With Me

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During last night's Jonas Brothers concert at Radio City Music Hall, Nick Jonas sang a diary entry about Miley Cyrus aloud for all his fans. Fans responded by pulling off their purity rings and simultaneously going through puberty.

While he doesn't confirm that his song “Wedding Bells” is about his love for Miley Cyrus, he doesn't not say it. In fact he intros the song by talking about how uncomfortable singing the song makes him, but he has to because his heart's in charge of the evening's playlist. Also someone in his management teams recommend he show his mature side by singing a song to an engaged woman.

The song runs through his complicated emotions as he discovers Miley Cyrus is betrothed to Liam Hemsworth. While he doesn't question the engagement directly in his song, he implies in his tone that he's curious why a star on the rise like Liam Hemsworth would marry Miley Cyrus at such an important stage in his career. Or that could be me inserting my own opinions into it.

That's the great thing about art, it's so subjective! So here are the lyrics, take a look for yourself and see if you see what I see.

Pardon my interruption
This drink's just settling in
On my reservations, a reason I don't exist

She says, can you keep a secret
A ceremony set for June
I know it's a rush but I just love him so much
I hope that you can meet him soon

No, I don't wanna love if it's not you
I don't wanna hear the wedding bells bloom
Maybe we can try one last time
But I dont wanna hear the wedding bells chime

Now we just have to see how Miley responds to this shocking display of love. While she's used to loving herself publicly, it's not very often another celebrity comes out and does the same.

I think if she gets extensions we'll know she heard the song, like heard the song and is ready to return to the magical experience that was Niley.

Apparently while this all went down last night Dani Jonas allegedly sulked in the corner and asked Kevin Jonas why he never sang songs to her. He looked at her blankly, “I'm sorry I seem to have forgotten who you are, I know we've met, but humor me with your name.”

She looks up at him, and then to God and asks what she's done to deserve such a loveless marriage that can't even manage decent reality show ratings. Kevin reads her mind and tells her that it's not her. It's just that, well, he thought that she'd be more appealing to the viewers at home and now needs to think about the next steps.

After all a marriage is more than just two people coming together out of mutual love and respect for each other. It has to do with chemistry and demographics and really what kind of family Americans want to watch on a Sunday night. Or I guess what's he trying to say is does she have conjoined twins in the family, people love that!

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