In Random Couples’ News, Nick Jonas And Kate Hudson Are A Thing

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I know, I had to scratch my head at that one too. Apparently 36-year-old Kate Hudson is lovin’ herself some 23-year-old JoBro bod.

TMZ says Nick and Kate were spotted this weekend all over the state of Florida, first at Walt Disney World in Orlando and the next day at brunch in Miami. A Twitter user saw them riding a roller coaster together on Saturday, and then she was spotted at his concert on Saturday night at the House of Blues in Orlando. Apparently, they’re “not dating” but have “absolutely hooked up.”

I thought it was random when Miley Cyrus and Dane Cook were reportedly hooking up, but this is equally as random. I can’t help but wonder what the conversations are like between these pairings, but then I realized that there likely isn’t much conversation going on. I doubt Nick Jonas cares much about Kate Hudson’s new “athleisure” line, but I could be wrong.

Hollywood really is incestuous, if you think about it. After all, Nick Jonas was also linked to Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez (as recently as last week), and Kate’s been linked to a slew of men in her day. All she needs now is to hook up with one of the Sprouse brothers and she’s basically an honorary member of the former Disney child star society. The scary thing is, she’d probably take me up on that. Please don’t, Kate. Nick might get jealous (sorry, had to.).

(Photo: TMZ)