Nick Cannon’s Multitasking Life As An Actor/Producer/TeenNick Chairman Could Kill Him

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Nick Cannon blood clot TeenNick chairmanIn the past few years, Nick Cannon has been all over the place: The singer-turned-actor executive was named “Chairman of TeenNick” in 2009, which means he acts as a creative consultant and producer of new shows and events like the TeenNick Halo Awards. In addition, he's done hosting duties on America's Got Talent, wrapped up a guest arc on Up All Night, and played himself on 30 Rock.

It's no wonder that with all this running back and forth across the country and spreading himself thin, his health is really getting battered. Around the New Year, he suffered kidney failure in Aspen; although he's since recovered, he told the New York Daily News that he was recently hospitalized again, this time for blood clots in his lungs and an enlarged ventricle on the right side of his heart. His doctor even said that if he keeps at this pace, it could kill him.

Nick's latest health issues come from a combination of a weakened immune system (thanks to his kidneys) and the stress of flying back-and-forth from New York to LA for his various gigs.

“It was quite serious. I was trying to downplay it a lot, even in my own mind… I travel a lot. Anyone who flies a lot can be a victim to getting blood clots because it can start in your legs or your lower back [from sitting for an extended period of time]. That, on top of my previous condition made me more prone to [getting blood clots]. I couldn't sleep because I was in so much pain. I was having a lot of pain in my back.”

Usually when stars are being treated for “exhaustion” — in fact, the way Nick's wife Mariah Carey was back in 2001 — we brush it off. But it truly sounds as if Nick has overworked himself, all in pursuing projects that helped The N transition to TeenNick, an excellent network for adolescent viewers.

However, Nick has other kids to think about: His twin children Moroccan and Monroe, nine months old:

“I always took a lot of pride in working so hard and never taking a day off. But I’m learning that it isn’t the wisest thing all the time, especially being a new father. Not only wanting to spend more time with my children, but wanting to be there for my children.”

We wish Nick the opportunity to rest and fully recover!