Get Your Kleenex Ready For Nicholas Sparks’ Three New TV Shows

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Nicholas Sparks three new TV shows Lifetime Deliverance Creek A Bend in the Road TNT The Falls ABC Family cry tearjerker Kleenex The Notebook Safe HavenIf Nicholas Sparks has his way, you will spend most of the week crying from now on. We always knew that this guy was savvy because of how he emotionally manipulated us with The Notebook, but this is a whole new level of smarts: He's inked a deal to executive-produce three tearjerker TV shows on three different networks.

First there's one of Sparks' novels: A Bend in the Road, about a widower trying to start over with his young son after his wife is killed in a hit-and-run. He starts to open up to his kid's second-grade teacher, who herself is shielding a shocking secret. You know, I read this book a few years back and now remember the twist, though I won't spoil it here. I will, however, say that I'm not sure how they'll extend this past one season unless they radically change the twist. Regardless, A Bend in the Road will air on TNT.

ABC Family gets The Falls, a modern-day reimagining of Romeo & Juliet. This seems to be an original project since I can't find a novel of the same name. Plus, one of the producers from One Tree Hill will be on-hand to make sure that this latest tale of forbidden love is super-sappy and has plenty of insurmountable obstacles.

Finally, Lifetime goes all period drama with Deliverance Creek. Yes, I'm already rolling my eyes, but let's push on: Set during the Civil War, it's the story of a woman struggling to support her family while also defending them. I assume from soldiers and such? If we find out that it's basically The Client List in the 1860s, I will completely watch.

Although Sparks won't be writing all of these, he'll serve as executive producer on all three. “It’s a chance to venture into stories I don’t always write about,” he told THR. Read: It's a chance to ensure all you women are sitting on your couches sobbing. Mwahaha!

And you won't be able to escape your living room, because soon Safe Haven will be in theaters. Smart man, that Nicholas Sparks.

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