Nicholas Sparks Doesn’t Think It’s Possible To Write A Formulaic Love Story About Gay People

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Premiere Of Relativity Media's 'Safe Haven' held at TCL Chinese Theatre - Red Carpet

Nicholas Sparks has written quite a few sappy romance novels about straight white people, some of which have been turned into decent movies like The Notebook. But a lot of people thought his latest adaptation was pretty boring, so you'd think he might want to mix things up a little with the next one, say, by writing it about two people who are not straight and white. But he does not! And his reasons why are dubious at best.

When asked by Hollywood.com if he'd ever consider writing a book about a same sex couple, Mr. Sparks politely shut it down:

Hollywood.com caught up with the author after a screening of Safe Haven, where he told us he's “considered” penning a gay love story, though it's “not exactly in my genre.” While Sparks, whose next book The Longest Ride is due out in September, may not have a book about a same sex couple, he added, “That would probably be more likely something that's explored in a different medium, maybe through television…with the novels, I try to give the people what they expect, and then move out into different areas.”

And why, exactly, do people “expect” all love stories to be about heterosexual couples? It could not possibly have anything to do with the fact that those are the only stories people like Nicholas Sparks are writing, oh no. Expecting straight love stories is just nature's way. Now, if only there were a word to describe the phenomenon whereby people treat hetero relationships as the norm

I doubt many same-sex couples are losing much sleep over the fact that there are no saccharine, formulaic Nicholas Sparks novels about LGBT people. But still: it might reflect well on Sparks himself if a beacon of the mainstream such as himself would include them in his touchy feely dreck. I'll make it easy: it can be about two femme lesbians. They can even even both be white. Some absurd obstacle will get in the way of their love, which they will overcome, and all the soccer moms will cry. There, was that so hard?

I'm not sure he was being all that truthful about wanting to put a gay love story on TV, either, but who knows? I can't say I wouldn't be curious to see what a Nicholas Sparks gay love story would look like, especially after reading his comments. I will even promise not to intentionally hate-watch it. That's how much I care about having a mainstream culture that's inclusive to everyone. I also request Ryan Gosling play both roles, please and thanks.

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