Ranking 19 Nicholas Sparks Books, From Worst To Best

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Nicholas Sparks has become one of the most prolific romance novelists of our time. Since he first began publishing books in the ‘90s, 11 of his works have been turned into major motion pictures. At one point, it seemed like he had a streamlined process, where once he published a book, the movie was already in production. Some of his novels can be argued to be the best of the genre. Would we even know and love Ryan Gosling to the degree we do if it wasn’t for The Notebook? Probably not, TBH.

But while Nicholas Sparks is amazing at what he does, he can be a tad repetitive. Every book is set in North Carolina. There is almost always a troubled man, meeting the woman who changes him for the better, and they fall in love – but not without some drama. While every book doesn’t follow that exact script, we have seen some clichés played to death in Nicholas Sparks novels and their on-screen adaptations. Of all of his works, these are the best and worst, ranked accordingly. See where your favorite novel falls on this list!