We Just Keep Falling For Nicholas Hoult In This New Warm Bodies Trailer

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Warm Bodies trailer 2 Nicholas Hoult R zombie love story Teresa Palmer John MalkovichI've gotta tell you, February 1st cannot get here fast enough. After deriding Warm Bodies as a zombie Twilight, I've completely changed my tune upon seeing the first trailer that proved this movie is actually smart and snarky while telling a unique zombie story. And that anticipation grows with each new trailer.

To be fair, Nicholas Hoult plays a major part in this. His protagonist R looks to spend much of the beginning of the movie with his only company being his inner monologue and fellow shambling hordes of growling undead. But once he meets Julie (Teresa Palmer), his heart starts to beat again… and his brain goes into overdrive.

It's a short trailer, so I'm sure that we'll be seeing an entirely new one before the movie comes out in February, but already there are a few new lines. Like R's existential musings as he stumbles past the evolution poster at the airport.

I'm hoping that more footage comes out of R's slow progression into falling in love with Julie. I don't know why, but for some reason the moment (in both trailers) where he notices her undressing and feels some long-forgotten responses really cracked me up. Probably because most zombie movies are focused on how your body has completely shut down, whereas Warm Bodies is exploring what happens when your body starts to wake up again.

Also, Nicholas Hoult is just hilarious, especially when he's being all self-deprecating and poking fun at himself. No wonder he and Jennifer Lawrence make such a good couple.

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