8 Jerky-Seeming Actors Who Are Surpisingly Nice, According To Reddit

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You're a jerk GIF Barney Stinson Neil Patrick Harris(via)

If you're anything like me, you were really bummed out after reading the ‘Actors Who Are Total Jerks On Set‘ post that we put up this weekend. There were so many seemingly nice people on there who are alleged to be kinda dickish in real life that I was feeling pretty down in the dumps. I mean, if we can't trust Jim and Pam from The Office, then who can we trust?

In case you're not aware, all those names came from a Reddit thread that went up this weekend asking who the worst people to work with are, and there are a crap ton of entries about famous humans not treating their fellow non-famous humans with respect. It's enough to make this particular human fear for the state of humanity.

But then! A miraculous thing started happening. The longer the thread was up, the more people started calling out celebrities who were great to work with. And not just the expected ones like Hugh Jackman, either! Scary ones who I'm intimidated by! Here, why don't you just read it? It'll help restore your faith in humanity, both famous and otherwise.


Forest Whitaker 39th Deauville american Film Festival The Butler August 31 2013 Deauville France(Image: WENN)

worked as an extra on The Last Stand. I literally bumped into Forest Whitaker before filming a scene, he looked me in the eye giving me this look of growing rage, but then patted me on me on the shoulder saying, “Fell for it didn't you (smiling), what's your name?” and we had a nice conversation about his time in New Mexico. LEGEND!!

— Reddit user diad44

He's an intimidating guy already, and playing a bloodthirsty despot in The Last King Of Scotland didn't help things any.


Renee Zellweger attending Paris Fashion Week March 2013(Image: WENN.com)

as for Renee Zellwegger, she was a real sweetheart. She ran around talking to all the extras, even handing out hot drinks to them when it got chilly. She seemed to do everything on her own- get her own food, wander around set alone, sit with crew guys during breaks, chat with any and everybody. It may not sound like a big deal, but most stars of her caliber would separate themselves to a degree and have their assistants running to get them their snacks/coffee. She was super friendly and relaxed.

Reddit user haidoggie

Doesn't she seem like she'd be an ice queen? I love how accessible she sounds.


Bruce Willis Red 2 Photocall Munich Germany July 24 2013(Image: Andreas Hübner/Future Image/WENN)

Bruce Willis walked in [to the Best Buy I worked at], took one look at me, walked right over and said, “You're the first one that made eye contact… sell me a laptop.”

At first I was terrified because he was so abrupt, but I asked him a bunch of questions, put together a good set up for him. Had a great time. He asked me about the specs on several computers, and I replied using a voice similar to the geek character from Robot Chicken. He laughed so hard he had to sit down for a while to get his composer [sic] back.

I wound up shopping him through every department. He left with $30,000 dollars worth of stuff. A lot of it we had to order and ship. Most of it gifts for his friends and family.

When he checked out he offered to take a picture with me, and I hadn't even asked…He ordered pizza for the staff since he'd spent so much time there that day. We grabbed a display camera and he took a bunch of pictures with us.

It was an amazing day. All in all, Bruce was there for almost 6 hours.
Reddit user deadlandsMarshal

Any time a celebrity buys a non-celebrity pizzas, I am instantly on board. That's all it takes, with me.


Anne Hathaway Filming Song One June 6 2013 New York City New York(Image: WENN)

A friend of mine was a background actor in ‘Rachel Getting Married.' He said Anne seemed really cold and distant all,of filming, which he found really hard to believe. Anyway, come the film's wrap, the extras are throwing their own wrap party. Who shows up with food and booze? Anne Hathaway. She apologized to everyone saying she was so invested in the part and it was taking a lot out of her. She played beer pong with everyone there til like 2 AM.

Reddit user talbottron

I know I give Anne a lot of crap, but this is a really sweet story, and there are a lot more out there just like it. No matter what you think of her, it's nice to know that she's easy to work with.


Stephen Colbert HBO Annual Primetime Emmy Awards September 22 2013 Los Angeles California(Image: Brian To/WENN)

I interned at The Colbert Report and he is seriously one of the nicest people I've ever met. Genuinely kind and even funnier offstage if you can believe it. I honestly have nothing but nice things to say about him.

Reddit user talbottron

Considering he puts on such a satirical, right-wing character, I'd expect him to be exhausted by the time he gets off-set. But apparently he's just as amazing as I imagine in my daydreams.


Brad Pitt World War Z Moscow Film Festival June 20 2013 Moscow Russia(Image: WENN)

Once my wife and I were eating supper in a small restaurant off Jackson Square. As we ate our food, Brad Pitt came by..there was a private dining room in the back of this place and he and 3-4 others had been eating there. When he saw my wife he stopped and talked for a minute…she had worked with him on a movie and he remembered her. She introduced us and he shook my hand…just a 10 second conversation and he was on his way. When we finished eating and asked for our check we were told that Mr Pitt had taken care of it…cool!

Reddit user qqqq1234

Again, a celebrity remembering the little people and buying them dinner. You had me at hello dinner.


George Clooney New York Premiere of Gravity October 2 2013 Manhattan New York(Image: Ivan Nikolov/WENN)

Living in Cincinnati, I met Clooney a couple of times. The first time was prior to ER, and I really didn't know who he was, but I knew he was Nick Clooney's son (local TV anchor). We were at a ball game, and he and another guy was sitting next to us. We started talking and ended up buying each other a round of beers.

The next time was when he had become a star on ER, probably about 1995. I had my boat docked at a popular bar/restaurant, and he was waking down the dock. He was trying to get away from the crowd for a couple of minutes, and he recognized my buddy (from the ball game) who was sitting on the back of the boat. We invited him onboard, and sat there bullshitting for about 20 minutes and sipping on bourbon, and we tried not to ask him about Hollywood. Had a nice conversation, and he we were cracking each other up most of the time. Good guy.

Reddit user Cincyme333

When you're that famous and that attractive, I'd imagine you'd get kind of closed-off, but George has quite the reputation as a prankster as well, so it's good to know that he doesn't fall into that trap.


Sean Penn 2nd Annual Friends Help Haiti Home Gala January 12 2013 Los Angeles California(Image: FayesVision/WENN)

I worked with Sean Penn on a very hard movie and he was always a gentleman. I know it may be hard to believe, but he is an incredibly down to earth person who is always willing to lend a helping hand no matter where you rank on the hierarchy.

— Reddit user lookinginward

Sean has such a reputation for losing his cool that I'd already mentally written him off, so it's great to hear that he's allegedly so easy to deal with.