Nicci Nix Is No Stranger To Reality Television

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American Idol hopeful Nicci Nix may have charmed judges with her cute demeanor, her apparent innocence, and her Italian accent but it seems a lot of that has been exaggerated. It turns out that Nicci is no stranger to reality television after all.

TMZ has dug up a lot of information about this contestant. Nicci was adorable in an awkward way but how real was her act? For one thing, Nicci appeared on Fear Factor under the name Nicci Palmeri and said she was from California. She’s also been on Making the Band, Next, and Date My Mom.

Check out the video clip of Nicci as “Nicole” on Making the Band here and then the clip of her on Fear Factor over here.

Hmmm. You’d think by now that people who try out for reality shows would realize that people WILL look them up online and try to figure out who they are! I wonder how far Nicci will make it in Hollywood before the truth comes out.