Niall Horan Begs Directioners To Stop Throwing Things At Him, Is Shockingly Not Flattered By It

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Niall Horan head tilt

Niall Horan took to Twitter last night to ask his fans to stop throwing things at him during One Direction concerts. Looks like someone doesn't understand that the 21st century symbol for affection is to hurl an object at the person you love the most. Silly Niall, you should be flattered by it. Even if you're in “pain” after your recent knee surgery. Gotta go read up on fandom rituals, mister. Throwing things is how it's done.

Here's the very polite tweet he sent out after a recent performance in Amsterdam Arena. Granted, he doesn't ban the throwing of objects entirely, because he must understand that's a hopeless request. He simply asked that fans “limit” those items. Which… is probably still too much to ask. Can you limit love, Niall? I don't think so.

First you boys act like getting hit in the face by a rogue tampon is somehow insulting, and when Harry Styles got hit in the crotch by a lovingly thrown shoe you had to complain, and now you won't even allow a few flying objects to make contact with your sensitive, recently operated-on knee? What are Directioners supposed to do, keep their belongings to themselves for the entire length of a concert? Should they strap their arms to the sides of their bodies to prevent themselves from expressing their devotion? You're asking too much, Niall.

Next you'll be asking everyone to please not sneak onto your property and peering through your windows at 2 in the morning. I mean honestly, it's like you believe in celebrities having personal space and the right to not be injured by fans or something. If you can't take getting things thrown at you like you're Quasimodo at the Festival of Fools, then what are you even doing in this business? Speaking of that big baby, I don't know what he was so upset about. Obviously those French people thought he was very beautiful and wanted to let him know.

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