The Next Big Thing: The 15 Music Artists You’ll Know In A Year

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If there's anything we've learned from our weekly music interview series here at Crushable, it's that there's a lot of talent out there. Even if it doesn't always seem that way. (We're looking at you, Lana del Rey.) But in a world where anyone can make their dreams come true (read: humiliate themselves) on YouTube, how do some people rise to the top of the pack? How do the Gagas get separated from the Ashlee Simpsons?

Every day, we see a different artist billed as the next big thing. The next Justin Bieber! The next Adele! But who, out of all those musicians on YouTube, Facebook, Reddit, and Twitter, will make it to the top? Who really is the next Justin Bieber? The next Lady Gaga? Nicki Minaj? John Mayer? Rihanna? Well, just for you, we combed the internet to find out. And we've rounded up all our top pics right here. Some of these artists are already making a name for themselves, and others will only be recognized by the truly internet-obsessed.

Read on to get to know the 15 stars you'll want to say you liked before everyone else. And don't forget that you heard it here first.

(Photo: WENN.com)

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