Children’s Hospital Spin-Off Newsreaders Features Mad Men’s Ken Cosgrove As A Pornographer

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If you, like me, have always loved Mad Men‘s Ken Cosgrove for his adorable devotion to both his wife and his secret career as a fiction writer, you might not want to watch this. In last night's premiere of Newsreaders, a hilarious new series from the creators of Children's Hospital, Ken (a.k.a. Aaron Stanton) had a cameo as one one those creepy porn guys who drives around in a van trying to persuade nubile young women to have sex with him on camera.

“We needed a ride for Bonaroo and I bet if we had a cool but nondescript van, I bet we could drive all the way there and get girls we don't know to have sex with us,” he explained to the news guy. His friend then improved upon the idea by deciding to film the sex, and Fuck Van was born.

This caused numerous problems for the van company, though, as people like Brian Posehn sued them when he couldn't reproduce Fuck Van‘s results. A few anonymous tips later, it was revealed that Fuck Van was not, in fact the brainchild of two young entrepreneurs, but a corporate marketing ploy…and the corporate fat cats were not about to apologize, as this was small potatoes compared to what else they'd been behind.

Watch it for Ken Cosgrove, watch it for Brian Posehn, or watch it because you're sad Children's Hospital isn't on the air anymore, but definitely watch it.

(Via Vulture)