Every Song You Need On Your New Year’s Eve Playlist to Ring in 2018

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There are lots of considerations to contemplate on New Year's Eve. Where are you going to celebrate? What are you going to wear? And are you actually planning on getting any sleep? If you've decided to have a low-key celebration at home, another important thing is deciding what to have on your New Year's Eve playlist.

New Year's Eve isn't just about counting down to midnight and celebratory champagne toasts. It's also about dancing and having a good time — ensuring your next year will be full of dancing and good times, you know? No offense to any of the TV countdown specials, but they're not the best for getting everyone dancing with the constant commercials, bad sound quality and distracting shots of people freezing their butts off in the cold.

You need your own tunes to get people amped. The best way to do that is with some popular songs from the year mixed with classic New Year's songs and some old throwbacks that everyone loves. Get inspired with these top songs for an amazing New Year's Eve playlist.