9 New TV Shows That Are Just Asking To Be Canceled

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Jane the Virgin CW


You know when a new TV season is approaching and you start hearing the plots of upcoming series or watching trailers and promos, and there are some that make you go, “Ooh I'll try that one out,” and then there are others that make you go, “Nope, I give it like five episodes”? Well, this post is in honor of that second feeling.

There are plenty of new shows starting this Summer and into Fall that just look… not so great. And it's so hard imagining them being good or watchable that you figure they'll be canceled before you can say “Wait, that was a show?” Here are just nine examples I've found in looking through the plots for upcoming series. I know that some shows you expect to hate but they end up being great, so go ahead and mock me if these turn out to be awesome and/or successful. I'm not a psychic!

1. Undateable

This one premieres on NBC tomorrow night at 9/8c. It's a multi-camera sitcom about men dating. Wow, we've never seen that before. And boy oh boy does the humor in that trailer look clever and original. I'm blown away.

2. The Night Shift

This one premiered last night on NBC, and while I didn't personally watch it, based on this trailer and reviews, it seems generic and cliched and like a million other shows we've seen before. Grey's Anatomy already did the “doctors dating” thing, and while it's had a long run, there are only so many of them that will last.

3. Jane the Virgin

You might want to be sitting down when you hear about this new show premiering on the CW in the fall. It's adapted from a Venezuelan telenovela about a young woman who is artificially inseminated by a doctor during a checkup. Oh, and the guy whose sperm it is also happens to be her boss and her former crush. I just… This is a show, guys.

4. Selfie

I'm sure a lot of Doctor Who fans will be excited to see Karen Gillan on TV again, but this one, which premieres this Fall on ABC, looks pretty terrible. It's a modern take on My Fair Lady in which a self-centered, social-media obsessed young woman with a really annoying Valley girl voice tries to become a better person. If you can make it through the whole trailer, I'm impressed with your willpower.

5. Manhattan Love Story

Another show about young people dating, this one also on ABC. I think we have enough shows about young people dating, okay TV?! This one at least seems to have good production value, and Analeigh Tipton is adorable (remember her on Top Model?!) but it doesn't look like the kind of thing that could really sustain itself over more than a couple of episodes.

6. Black-ish

Another ABC show. Damn ABC, what happened? The first comment on this trailer is “this looks sooooooo cancelled,” and that's really all you need to know. But I'll leave you with this plot description: “an upper-middle class black man who struggles to raise his children with a sense of cultural identity despite constant contradictions and obstacles coming from his liberal wife, old-school father and his own assimilated, color-blind kids.” That sounds a lot smarter than the trailer proves it to be.

7. The Mysteries of Laura

I'm gonna be honest, most of the reason I think this NBC show will be canceled is because it stars Debra Messing. Ever since Smash I don't have much confidence in her. Also Matthew Perry is proof that stars of classic shows don't often fare well in later projects. And that Gaga joke at the end of the trailer made me cringe so hard.

8. The McCarthys

When you pitch me a multi-camera sitcom on CBS, I'm immediately going to refuse to watch it. That doesn't necessarily mean it'll be canceled, as Big Bang Theory and Two and a Half Men have proven. But this one looks especially terrible. It's about a sports-obsessed family with a gay son who (surprise surprise) knows nothing about sports. Hilarity obviously ensues.

9. Constantine

In the battle of the DC comic book shows, it's between this NBC series and FOX's Gotham, and if only one survives, my money's on Gotham. It has so much buzz surrounding it and, well, it's Batman.