Ryan Gosling Surprises Children At A Charity Event, Makes Our Hearts Grow Three Sizes

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Although there are a lot of very good looking celebrities gracing us with their faces in the movies, there isn't anyone else quite like Ryan Gosling. He's not only insanely attractive, but he's also incredibly nice — and not just when he's doing the publicity circuit before a movie.

I know I'm throwing a lot of adverbs out there, but I just don't know any other way to express my feelings toward him. In a world where so many celebrities seem out for themselves, he consistently makes it clear that that's not his style.

Sure he likes being in the movies, but he also likes being a good person. Like a really good person. Remember that time he saved someone from a car accident? Well he didn't exactly one-up saving a life this weekend, but he got pretty close when he showed up at a charity event in Texas this weekend. The superhuman's currently filming a Terrance Malik movie in Texas and decided to just stop by and make everyone's day.

E! Online reports that no one involved in the benefit knew that the star would be making an appearance.

Over the weekend the 31-year-old actor attended a charity event benefiting the Texas School for the Deaf in Austin. Those who organized the Spooky Skedaddle 5K and Festival didn't know beforehand that theNotebook hunk would be gracing them with his presence.

“You should have told me Ryan Gosling would be there ;),” @FreeFunInAustintweeted to the school. “Ha :),” the organization replied. “We didn't know either!”

The fact that he didn't call beforehand or warn them in advance shows that he didn't do this for the positive press, but rather out of the good of his own heart.

And if that's not enough to make your heart grow three sizes and write the name Mrs. Ryan Gosling all over your Lisa Frank folders, than I don't know what is.

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