Video: Ryan Gosling Gets Interviewed About His New Movie Fracture By His Crazy Ex Girlfriend

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I know, I know. The “crazy delusional woman” trope has been done to death and is maybe a little bit sexist. But this chick does it so, so well.

As part of his “press tour” for new Ryan Gosling¬†movie Fracture, everyone's favorite baby goose stopped by his “crazy ex girlfriend”‘s Youtube page to laugh awkwardly at questions like “remember when we used, just like, laugh?” and “Describe yourself in the third person.” I also love the assortment of incorrect names she keeps calling the film by: “Frission,” “Tractor,” and my personal favorite, “Frampton.”

The brains behind this video is actress/writer Erin Foster, who seems to have the right combo of conventional good looks and awkward humor to have a shot at succeeding in the comedy game. (Which, unfortunately, still has a fairly narrow set of criteria for women.) This doesn't make her any less talented, but I'm still going to guess it's just a matter of time before she's posing in her undies as GQ's “hot chick bro” of the year.

(Via Stuff.co.nz)