What Is Rihanna Wearing On Her Head In These Newly Released Instagram N00dz?

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It's a day that ends in “y,” which means that Rihanna has once again flaunted her pathological love of her abusive boyfriend and posted sexy pictures on the Internet. But I don't want to get super bummed this early in the week, so let's focus on the n00dz.

Taken by Rihanna's friend Melissa Forde, the photos depict her enjoying a little bottomless time in what appears to be a fancy hotel room. Is it “Porky Piggin' it” if you are wearing a bra but no shirt? And what kind of high tech space fireplace is that behind her? Anyway, what I really want to talk about is her headgear.

If you look closely, you can see that it's the hood from her coat, but it gives the visual effect of being a cross between a coon skin cap and a David Lee Roth wig. This is not the first thing that might come to mind when a “normal” person wonders what sexy looks like, but Rihanna is almost definitely baked out of her mind here, so it makes sense. And you know what? She fucking pulls it off.

Kudos to you, RiRi, for pulling off increasingly difficult sexiness challenges, and kudos to Melissa for providing a higher quality of Instragram n00dz than we are used to. Now if you will only answer the question user “Tatteduptatz” has posed. I think he speaks for all of us when says, “U ever ate that pussy before@mforde11 !!!????? I think u did an I'm jealous!”

(Via Examiner)

Photos: Melissa Forde