The New NBC Comedy Line-Up Has Something For Everyone

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NBC has released its 2012 – 2013 schedule, and it includes some new comedies: Go On, The New Normal, Animal Practice, Guys With Kids, Save Me, Next Caller, and 1600 Penn.

In case you weren't counting, that's seven (seven!) new comedies for you to keep track of starting this fall. Especially since just last week, NBC announced shortened seasons for veteran shows Community, 30 Rock, and Parks and Recreation, while somehow still not cancelling that old crippled horse that is The Office. So these are the shows they're pushing while they cancel our tried-and-true favorites…that's a lot of pressure, guys.

But never fear, NBC has your busy schedules in mind, and they've spread out the comedy love between Tuesday and Wednesday so you can catch everything new and still keep up with your Comedy Thursdays.

And to help you out even further, we've compiled a quick cheat sheet for all the new shows, even the ones starting mid-season, so you know what's coming. Your DVRs will thank us.

Go On – Tuesdays at 9/8c
Starring Matthew Perry as a widowed sportscaster who joins a grief support group in hopes of getting himself back on the radio faster. As a dutiful watcher of every Friends episode, I fully support any and all comedic forays of Matthew Perry, and I've been promised hilarious therapy-related antics, so I'm on board. Also, from the preview clip, it looks like he's well matched by Laura Benanti, who plays his unqualified therapist, so I have high hopes for this one.

The New Normal – Tuesdays 9:30/8:30c
It seems like the new big thing right now is unconventional families, and this show is no exception. Justin Bartha and Andrew Rannells star as two gay men trying to have a child through a surrogate, played by Georgia King, and the heart-warming and (in my case, anyway) probably tear-jerking relationship that comes about. I'm all about the cobbled-together families, and it's always good to see a loving gay couple on TV, in my oh-so humble opinion, especially in light of what's going on politically right now.

Animal Practice – Wednesdays 8/7c
Oh hiiiii Justin Kirk! Have I mentioned that I find you extremely talented and attractive and that every other show you've done ever has been totally awesome and fantastic? My baby-daddy Justin Kirk is starring as a socially-awkward veterinarian who runs an animal hospital where he treats the pets better than their owners. I like animals. I like comedy. I like doctor shows. And, as I may or may not have previously mentioned, I enjoy Justin Kirk. What's not to love?

Guys With Kids – Wednesdays 8:30/7:30c
More unconventional family comedy, this time with three new dads trying to balance fatherhood and bro-ing out with their bros, bro. It's produced by Jimmy Fallon and stars Jesse Bradford, Anthony Andersen, Zach Cregger…and a laugh track. Whomp whomp. Hopefully it's good, in spite of the canned laughter — I have my eye on Zach Cregger, who was easily the funniest of the gents in the trailer. Guy goal for the series: get more comfortable with the babies hanging off your chests — they look like living accessories and it's awkward.

Save Me (mid-season)
This one is the story of a woman, played by Anne Heche, who believes she can talk directly to God.
…so…a real story from the late nineties starring Anne Heche. Only in this case it comes from a near-death experience and it might actually be true. Honestly, I'm psyched just to watch her act out something that so closely mimics her life. I love things like that…awkward moments, stilted conversation, crazy eyes. I am gonna watch the shit out of this show. Oh and also starring Michael Landes as a philandering husband.

Next Caller (mid-season)
A show about a satellite radio DJ, Dane Cook, who unexpectedly gets a co-host in the form of Collette Wolfe, straight off public radio. I'm anticipating a lot of butting heads, boob jokes, and sassy girl-talk, also with some heart-warming compromises. Also starring Jeffrey Tambor, who always did right by me on Arrested Development.

1600 Penn (mid-season)
A comedy about life in the White House starring Bill Pullman as the President, Jenna Elfman as the First Lady, and Josh Gad as their super awkward son. The clip only shows Josh Gad being awesomely awkward, but you know I love to see Bill Pullman in positions of authority, so I'm sure I'll be watching.

Nice work, NBC Comedy, this looks like a strong set-up of new shows and we can't wait to see which ones catch on!

(Images: NBC.com)