Myspace is Back! Seriously! Connect With Us…?

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crushable new myspace page

The sentence “Myspace is back” can bring up a few different reactions: Did Myspace ever leave exactly? Did I time travel to 2006? What does this mean for Friendster? What does this mean for Tom???

Well, Myspace didn't really leave. You left. You went and got involved with all those newfangled social media sites. You Facebooked and Tweeted and Instagramed all over town and left Myspace sitting there all alone and sad, wishing it could do something– anything!– to get you back.

So Myspace did what any broken hearted person collection of data would do, it made itself look really awesome in case you guys ran into each other at a party entered it's URL into your address bar. Myspace got all sleek and adopted that new minimalistic style that's so in right now. It got some outfit inspiration from those other sites and gave itself a makeover. You can now follow celebrities, musicians, and friends like you do on Twitter and scroll through pics like you do on Tumblr. Myspace also developed it's own unique tastes and made the innovative choice of having info set up horizontally, rather than the usual up and down scrolling. It even added a cool new music player you can dock at the bottom with custom playlists.

It's not 2006. You've changed. Myspace has changed. You're both ready to move on from your pasts and try things out again. You and Myspace always did have a lot of mutual friends. Like Crushable, for example. You still like us, right? We like Myspace too and when you join you should totally connect with us (that's what they're calling it these days). Crushable will be there to support you through this change with entertainment news, the scoop on new music, and the occasional anecdote on Justin Bieber‘s haircut.

As for Tom:

new myspace tom anderson