The New Hunger Games Trailer Shows More Of Caesar Flickerman And Cinna

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new Hunger Games trailer with Caesar Flickerman

Today is just the day of Hunger Games announcements, isn't it? First there was the reveal that Lionsgate is working on the social media game The Hunger Games Adventures. Then we revealed that one lucky Crushable reader will win two tickets to the movie's premiere on March 12th (as part of the #HungerGames50 countdown). And now the studio has released a new Hunger Games trailer! It's almost too much to handle for just one day.

Yahoo! Movies has the exclusive: Though it's shorter than the first trailer, it doesn't spend as much time setting up the world of The Hunger Games and instead gives us more insight into Katniss' (Jennifer Lawrence) life in District 12 as well as her time in the Capitol before the Games begin.

Through Katniss' eyes, we get a better understanding of the two men in the Capitol who help her pass off her image as a sweet but strong fighter: We see how Caesar Flickerman (Stanley Tucci) kisses her hand in front of the crowds, and her stylist Cinna (Lenny Kravitz) advising her to keep her mockingjay pin hidden backstage. Then there's an ominous moment where Katniss sees Caesar getting along swimmingly with her fellow District 12 tribute — and ultimate competitor — Peeta (Josh Hutcherson). I'm excited to see more of those mind games in a future trailer.

It seems that Lionsgate's plan is to keep the Hunger Games themselves — which take place in an enclosed Arena filled with forests, lakes, and cliffs — a mystery up until the movie's release on March 23, 2012. The most we see in this trailer is Katniss and the other tributes running to grab their supplies at the Cornucopia… but we still haven't seen the gold structure that plays into the plot later. We catch glimpses of Katniss moving through the woods at night and when someone sets the forest on fire to force tributes out… but it's footage from the original teaser.

So, if we can ask Lionsgate for just one more thing, it would be for a teaser that shows us the other tributes in action in the Arena: Beautiful Glimmer (Leven Rambin), sneaky Foxface (Jackie Emerson), quiet Rue (Amandla Stenberg), and ruthless Cato (Alexander Ludwig).