This Auto-Tune Tribute To New Girl’s Nick And Jess Will Be Stuck In Your Head All Day

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New Girl Nick and Jess

Before you watch tonight's new episode of New Girl, you should probably catch yourself up on the details of Nick and Jess's whirlwind romance. Because it's a confusing one. Are they on? Are they off? Are they kissing? Are they on a date? Are they touching each other's boobs? Are they jay-walking? Are they gargling beer? Are they having trouble opening jars? It's hard to keep track. If you're a New Girl watcher, you understand what I'm talking about. If you're not, you probably think I'm a total weirdo. Welcome to the club.

If you've been wanting a Nick/Jess refresher course but you have the type of learning style that dictates the information be auto-tuned, well then lucky you! Your strangely specific needs will be met by “Kiss Me Like a Man,” a new music video that turns Nick and Jess's relationship into a weirdly catchy song.

The video was created by DJ John Boswell, and I have to say I'm impressed. Sometimes auto-tuned songs sound kind of like a dying robot. But not this one. It's the kind of tune that could get stuck in your head for days until you force it out by listening to “Dancing Queen” on repeat for five hours. Or at least I've heard that's what some people do.

The video features several iconic lines, such as Nick's “I'm a man, Jessicaaaa!” and Jess's “He was a man, and I was a woman!” In that case it's important to emphasize the “man” in “woman.” You know, for when you inevitably sing this at your next karaoke night.

And in case your favorite character is Schmidt or Winston or Cece or that one guy in the background of that shot at the Indian wedding convention, you're in luck too! They all make appearances! I particularly like Cece's “WHAAA…?!” moment.

In addition to being fun and catchy, this video further proves that Zooey Deschanel is very very cute. Which is good because Taylor Swift is guest-starring on the New Girl finale and will probably attempt to take the cute attention away from Zooey. Taylor doesn't stand a chance after this video.

Plus, I'm always happy to watch Jake Johnson chillin' in a lady's trench coat. Classic.