New Girl’s Max Greenfield Had An SNL Themed Bar Mitzvah — I Think I’m In Love

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Max GreenfieldListen, I don't even watch New Girl and this clip of Max Greenfield being all adorable still made me fall just a little bit in love with him, so maybe I should give the show a chance. Max stars as the vain, womanizing Schmidt on the show, a role for which he has been nominated for an Emmy, a Golden Globe, and a Critic's Choice Award. He makes it clear that he's absolutely nothing like his character, though, by being the most endearingly self-deprecating thing ever in this interview with Jimmy Fallon from the other night.

First of all, he's super complimentary of Bill Hader, who he was nominated against, and has a big ‘ol mancrush on Lorne Michaels, whom he tried to approach at the Golden Globes. Some guys would just walk up, interrupt his conversation, and stick their hand out to introduce themselves, but instead Max just did the old awkward slow-down-look-around-keep-walking trick by his table…twice. He hardly even seems to believe he belongs at an awards show, notoriously thinking his nomination was an internet prank when it was first announced. Bah! Adorable!

He also isn't above bringing in some pictures of himself as a child, which you know I can get behind. Apparently he's obsessed with Saturday Night Live — which explains his infatuation with Lorne — enough so that it was the theme of his bar mitzvah! Yes! YES YES YES. Please tell me you brought pictures as proof! And you did! The first one is of your Blues Brothers cake, and the second one is of a Chris Farley centerpiece, but the third one is of youuuu! In all your thirteen year old, bar mitzvah boy glory! Look at your chubby little cheeks and your braces and your bushy eyebrows! Amazing. I'm so glad he did this. I'm so glad he's the kind of guy who's attractive now and doesn't mind showing the world a picture of himself on literally the most awkward day of his life. I'm obsessed.