The New Fall TV Shows That We’re Actually Excited To Watch

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As if there wasn't enough awesomeness on television already, those loonybirds down at the networks are putting up a whole new round of shows this fall. Oh, the humanity! That's great news and all, but I'm not ready. There's so much good programming that's already on the air, it's easy to get overwhelmed. It feels like every single day, someone tells me about a show that's already been on for multiple seasons that I just have to watch. Listen, I'm not even caught up with Mad Men yet, and I'm just starting Breaking Bad on Netflix. I'm in a bad way, here, and I can't afford to be behind on anything else. So here's my solution: stop. making. new. shows.

…did it work? Did they do it? No! All the websites talking about the new shows still exist, which makes me really suspicious that they're going to go ahead and release them anyway, even though I asked them not to. So what's my solution? Well, I'm gonna research all of them now, and pick ten that I'm actually excited about. That way, I can be ready for them when they come out, watch them in the moment, and not fall behind on them! And then I'll have lots to talk about, and everyone will think I'm cool and wonder why they never talked to me before, and I'll be the most popular girl in school and get voted Prom Queen!

Or, more likely, I'll just choose the shows that look the best, forget about them by the time they're on in the fall, and find out in the spring what I'm horribly behind on. Sigh. And the cycle continues. But anyway — here are my recommendations for the ten new fall TV shows I'll most regret missing after I forget to watch them.

(Images: TV Guide)