New Couple Alert: Gossip Girl’s Penn Badgley Is Dating Zoe Kravitz

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Unlike his TV alter ego Dan Humphrey, it would seem Penn Badgley has been able to get over Serena and move on with his life. He was recently photographed canoodling with actress Zoe Kravitz (daughter of Lenny) in NYC, a coupling that seems to make much more sense than him and fashion plate Blake Lively.

The pair was snapped by the relentless paps as they walked around Soho together yesterday, holding hands and even sharing a kiss when they parted:

Kissing looks kind of gross in real life, doesn't it? Anyway, a semi-literate source told US Weekly that they're “Doing great! So happy!” so it must be true.

This morsel comes suspiciously close on the heels of news of Serena van der Woodsen Blake Lively's split from summer lovah Leonardo DiCaprio. Is he trying to rub it in a little, like “who's Lonely Boy NOW, bitch?!” Probably not. But seeing as his celebrity peaked when he was associated with Blake Lively, it would not be totally out of left field for his publicist to hitch his name to her once again by timing the news this way.

Anyway, enough about Serena. Look at Penn and Zoe being all cute and boho chic together! They even have matching skinny jeans and hobo hats, like something straight out of a goddamn Urban Outfitters catalog.

I can't wait until they make beautiful babies together, and clothe them in tiny Joy Division t-shirts.

(Via Us Weekly)