New Catching Fire Photo Reveals Absolutely Nothing That You Care About

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Catching Fire photo

The Hunger Games site Capitol Couture released a new Catching Fire photo today. Unlike the previous photos we've seen from the movie, this one reveals nothing. Absolutely nothing. It's the celery of Catching Fire photos. After viewing this,  I'm no closer to knowing Katniss Everdeen's post-murder-games face cleansing routine than I was yesterday, nor am I any more knowledgeable as to whether Peeta Mellark has single brothers. It's incredibly frustrating to be kept in the dark like this and frankly I'm not sure what to do at this point.

I'm not asking them to release the movie early, but I am asking them to release photos from every scene in the movie early. Is that too much to ask for in this day and age of instant gratification? Every article I ever read about my generation in Newsweek say no. We're the every-kid-wins-a-trophy group of kids and we want what we want right now. Sorry I'm not sorry that I grew up in a time where teacher got banned from using red pens. So Catching Fire producers, quit holding out on us. Or at least start leaking more. Like candid photos of Josh Hutcherson, Jennifer Lawrence, Sam Claflin and Liam Hemsworth all reading Crushable during downtime on the set.

Because the longer you don't, the longer I'm forced to stare at this stupid chair and try to come up with a purpose for it. I mean, I guess it shows us that Ikea doesn't exist in Panem. Because I've never seen that chair there or in any twenty-something apartment I've been to lately. And everyone's always hating on Panem. But maybe living in a world without Ikea wouldn't be that bad. I wouldn't have to go to one more apartment and sit on that one couch that matches that one coffee table that's near that one dresser. You and I both know what dresser I'm talking about right now.

So yeah, that's what I'll take away from this photo. There are no “it's so easy to build yourself” furniture stores in the future. Sure they kill kids on the reg, but maybe it's a trade off?

(Photo: Teen.com)