Here Are Two Previously-Unreleased Adele Songs, Because You’re Welcome

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Adele patting her hair GIF[Update: they seem to have been pulled from the internet for the moment, but we'll update this post if they come back to us. Cross your fingers!]

Know how I know today is my birthday? Firstly, because I was born twenty-seven years ago on this date, and secondly, because never-before-heard Adele songs leaked today! Wahoozles!

Hopefully you're already aware that Adele is currently at work on her third studio album, which she's hinted will be released later this year. (And if you weren't aware of that until this moment, how have you been holding your breath for so long.) That album will be called '25', for the age she was when she wrote it, and it will supposedly be released in one musical whoosh, just like Beyonce intended when she pioneered the art of the secret album release earlier this year.

Anyway, these newly-leaked songs are apparently not from '25', but unreleased gems from around when Adele was writing '21'! So I feel much better listening to them, given that we've heard nary a peep out of her for four years. Except for that one peep she made when she pushed a human baby out of her, which was probably quite loud. I DON'T KNOW I WASN'T INVITED.

Sorry. I keep forgetting that there are beautiful new songs here and I don't need to be grouchy anymore about being completely and totally excluded from the last few years of Adele's life. So without further ado, please feast your ears on ‘You'll Never See Me Again' and ‘I'll Never Leave You' (well make up your mind — which is it??), two previously-unreleased tracks written in 2010 and produced by Fraser T Smith.

Ahhh. That feels so much better, having fresh Adele in my system. I forgive everyone for everything. Except for you, CeeLo Green. You can go right to hell.

(Image: Tumblr)