20 Shows & Movies to Watch on Netflix with Your Long-Distance Boyfriend

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I don't know about you, but sometimes I think that Netflix is what helps preserve a long distance relationship. It keeps you busy when your boyfriend is too busy to text or talk on the phone and gives us something to look forward to doing together when going on dates is impossible. Watching a series together or actually blocking out two hours of time for a movie is just one way to maintain some semblance of intimacy when there are miles between you, and one way to keep the conversation going after you've both gone over your days.

Here's a list of some tried-and-true recommendations, split into four categories: shows to jump into whenever, series to watch from start to finish, movies about love, and miscellaneous/weird movies that will keep you talking. What you choose will obviously vary based on your preferences, but if you watch something on the list and hate it, at the very least you and your boyfriend can talk about how bad of a recommendation it was.

Pro Tip: Get Netflix Party, a Google Chrome extension that syncs up your screens. The future is here.