If You Like House Of Cards, You’ll Love These Other Netflix Series

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Frank Underwood This is the part where you leave GIF from House Of CardsSo if you're anything like the rest of the people I surrounded myself with this weekend, you spend the last three days binge-watching House Of CardsI know that because I only had time to watch one episode myself, so I spent the majority of my time clamping my hands over my ears and running out of rooms. It was actually pretty annoying, because I didn't get to be in any of the conversations.

And I started thinking — this must be how everyone else feels all the time when I'm obsessing over season one with someone I know who watches the show. It must be pretty annoying to be left out of a cultural Netflix phenomenon like that just because you're not that into the show. Because there are actually a lot of people like that out there. People who have given House Of Cards the old college try but just don't really love it that much. They like it, sure, but it's just missing a little something-something for them.

Are you one of those people? Because if you are, I'm really sorry. I've been kind of a dick to you in conversation, but all of that changes today. I'm ready to mend my ways, I'm ready to make you a priority and put your needs before my own, and most importantly…I'm ready to give you some suggestions of other TV shows you can watch on Netflix if HoC isn't quite your thing.

For if you liked House Of Cards but wish it was a little…