TV Shows You Do NOT Want to Watch During Netflix n’ Chill

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When it comes to Netflix n' chill, you've got to be careful with what you. There are a few reasons you might want to avoid certain shows when trying to hook upNetflix with a potential boo. Reason #1 that the show is absolutely so good that the power of the binge has more appeal than any chillin' ever could and you wind up staying up all night together… watching TV nothing else.

Reason #2: You're watching something that's so unpredictable you may wind up watching something so off-putting (either sad, scary or disturbing) that you couldn't possibly ~get in the mood~ after watching something so dark. No really, it happens. TRUST. We got your back, though. Just be sure to avoid these shows during your next Netflix n' chill date and you'll be in the clear. (But watch them on your own time, girl! They're seriously good shows.)