Netflix Leaked House Of Cards Season 3 Early And Then Took It Down, What A Tease

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Netflix Leaked House Of Cards Season 3 Early And Then Took It Down  What A Tease House of Cards in the dark gif

The third season of House of Cards is scheduled to premiere on Netflix February 27. But some fans discovered ten of the thirteen episodes available to stream yesterday before the site pulled them down. According to The Huffington Post, viewers who had been in the middle of the premiere episode when Netflix pulled the season were still able to finish watching it.

Netflix might want us to think this was an accident, but I think it’s pretty damn clear to anyone who wasn’t born yesterday that this was an intentional move to drum up publicity, especially when you see what the show’s Twitter account posted after the fact:

A joke relating the leak to the subject matter of the show and then a promo for the real premiere date? They’re not even trying to hide it. A Netflix rep’s statement about the situation is just as winky-winky: “Due to a technical glitch some Underwood fans got a sneak peak. He’ll be back on Netflix on Feb 27. #no spoilers.” To be honest, I don’t believe any leak in Hollywood is accidental anymore. Just like I’m starting to think all celebrity romances are PR-created and all celebrity babies are American Sniper dolls.

Despite Netflix’s half-assed, hashtagged, I-actually-mean-the-opposite plea for no spoilers, fans who watched the premiere have of course shared some details. The most monumental one seems to be that Claire Underwood, played by Robin Wright, has dyed her hair brunette. Dun dun duuuuun! Also Russia is apparently going to be important this season. I’m one of those monsters who still hasn’t caught up on the first two seasons of this show, so I’m pretty “Oh… okay” about all of this. But I am counting on Kevin Spacey to look into the camera some more this time around so I can have more reaction GIFs.

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