2013 Movies That You Can Already Watch On Netflix

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Ryan Gosling Only God Forgives 2013

The year is coming to a close, if you can believe it. As the world of pop culture starts looking forward to 2014's most anticipated movie releases, you might feel a little behind. Maybe you didn't get to the movie theater as much as you would have liked this year, or maybe there was a movie you were dying to see that wasn't playing near you. That's where Netflix comes in.

There are plenty of 2013 releases already available to watch instantly on Netflix streaming right this second. It might be a little overwhelming to figure out what's there and what's worth watching, so we've done some of the work for you and put together a handy list. And we've even organized them into categories. You won't get to watch much Oscar bait yet, but I bet there's at least one movie on this list you were meaning to see.


Unless you live in a major city, the most talked-about independent films and festival favorites might not be available for you to watch in the theater. But now you can catch up and sound totally cultured when you tell your friends what you've seen.

Frances Ha

Greta Gerwig is nominated for a Golden Globe for her performance in this movie about 20-something disillusionment. As an added artsy bonus, it's in black and white!


Everyone was buzzing about this film after it premiered at Sundance. It stars Amanda Seyfried in a bold turn as the famous porn star Linda Lovelace. Click here to read our review.

Prince Avalanche

This film, which premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival, tells the story of two men (Paul Rudd and Emile Hirsch) who spend a summer painting road lines together and form an unlikely bromance. Click here to read our review.


Jonathan Groff solidifies his place as breakout star in this film based on the life of author David Sedaris. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll really want to eat an apple. Click here to read our review.

The Lifeguard

This film out of Sundance stars Kristen Bell in a refreshingly dramatic role as a woman having an affair with a teenager. While the story itself has its flaws, it's an interesting watch just to witness Kristen's awesome range. Click here to read our review.

Crystal Fairy

Michael Cera is George Michael no more, or at least that's what he seems to have been going for with this movie about a quest for hallucinogenic drugs. If that's what you're into.

Only God Forgives

This film reteams Ryan Gosling with his Drive director Nicolas Winding Refn for the story of a violent drug-smuggler in Bangkok. Its graphic violence will remind you that there's a lot more to Gosling than The Notebook. Click here to read our review.


Remember when these movies came out? Probably not. But that doesn't mean you won't want to watch them.

Side Effects

Here Channing Tatum tries to play a rich guy alongside Rooney Mara and Jude Law in a psychological thriller from Steven Soderbergh. Click here to read our review.

Olympus Has Fallen

Don't get this one confused with White House Down. Despite both being about an attack on the White House, they are not the same movie. Mostly because this one doesn't feature Channing Tatum shirtless.

Safe Haven

In the mood for a cheesy Nicholas Sparks adaptation where Julianne Hough tries to act? Then you'll love hate-watching this movie. Click here to read our review.

Escape from Planet Earth

Do you like animated movies about aliens with the vocal talents of actors like Brendan Fraser, Sarah Jessica Parker and Jessica Alba? That's very specific taste you have there, and it might just be satisfied with this movie.

21 and Over

This one's pretty much The Hangover recast with younger people and similar drunken shenanigans. If that's what you're into, stream away. Click here to read our review.

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