NeNe’s Still Denying Her Nose Job. For Real?

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NeNe Leakes, one of the stars of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, made some changes during the break between seasons of her Bravo show. The most noticeable was her new nose. Fans and haters have been talking about the success of that operation since it debuted in May. But NeNe's never spoken about it. And today, she denied having had a nose job at all. And then immediately tried to use it to get people to tune into the new season of her show.  Come on NeNe!

In an interview about the show, BET tells NeNe that readers want her to talk about the nose job. NeNe responds:

“I’ve never said I had a nose job.  I’ve never, anywhere, come out and said I’ve had a nose job.  I’ve just been told that I’ve had one.  [Laughs] I’m doing some things and everybody should just tune in to the show to see what I’ve had done.  I know there’s been a lot of rumors saying I’ve done this and that – a lot of rumors are very false.  What I have to say about plastic surgery is there’s nothing that has ever happened to me in my life that would make me do anything to myself because I love Nene.  Whatever I do would just be for me, it wouldn’t be for anybody else.  Nothing happened in my childhood.  Anybody that wants to have plastic surgery and they can afford it – they should go out and get it.”

Her rationalizations of plastic surgery being caused by childhood abuse aside, this is crazy talk. If you do tune into the show, you will get treated to images like this:

Is that Nene subliminally admitting to said nose job in the first episode? We don't know. Here's what we do know. This photo is pretty good evidence of NeNe before all of her Housewives fabulosity. And before she got her new nose: