Happy 45th Birthday, NeNe Leakes! Here Are 4+5 Celebratory GIFs!

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NeNe LeakesHappy 45th Birthday to NeNe Leakes, the most quotable lady in all of show business. She's also one of the hardest working, as she has appeared on The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Glee, The Apprentice, and The New Normal. But as good as she is on the scripted shows, nothing can every top NeNe on RHONY, so don't even try. She has a collection of one-liners that rivals RuPaul and her queens, and that is saying something. Whether she's shooting down Kim Zolciak, defending herself against haters, or making one of her collection of ridiculous faces, here are some of our favorite things about NeNe Leakes, in GIF form. Happy birthday, lady!

NeNe Leakes 11. She has no patience for your bullshit. So pull it together.NeNe Leakes 45th birthday RHOA working out titties2. She doesn't work out. I love a lady who knows knows her priorities. And those of her titties.

NeNe Leakes birthday 45 Real Housewives of Atlanta RHOA3. She introduced me to the phrase “Don't let the door hit you where the good Lord split you.”

NeNe Leakes GIF birthday RHOA4. This face.

NeNe Leakes GIF RHOA Real Housewives of Atlanta5. And this one.

NeNe Leakes Real Housewives of Atlanta RHOA birthday 456. …and this one.

NeNe Leakes bloop GIF birthday RHOA Real Housewives of Atlanta  7. Boooop. It's a thing. Read not Read NeNe Leakes GIF RHOA 8. She knows the difference between reading and READing.

NeNe Leakes 3 RHOA GIF9. Because her eyes do this.NeNe Leakes 2 GIF10. And finally, because if you ask her to do something she doesn't like, she's not gonna do it. Why? She'll tell you.

She's gonna have a great birthday even if we tell her not to (because she's NeNe Leakes), but we're hoping this year is especially fabulous so she gets nice and rested up for filming the next season of RHOA. We need more catchphrases and we need them now.

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