NeNe Leakes’ Potential Baby Daddy Wants Nothing To Do With Her

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Way back in the tail end of 2010, there were a few rumors running around that Real Housewives of Atlanta star NeNe Leakes was pregnant. NeNe denied the rumor, and despite her interest in keeping her decisions secret until she can get paid for a magazine exclusive, we leaned toward believing her. And to add insult to injury, Charles Grant, the NFL player rumored to be her baby daddy, has informed Crushable that the imaginary baby is not his. According to his publicist Akbar Cojoe:

“Any rumors in regard to my client, Charles Grant, fathering a child with NeNe Leakes should be completely disregarded and written off as being untrue and outright imaginary.”

Ok. That's straight and to the point. But Akbar doesn't stop there. He would like the world to know that Charles Grant wants nothing to do with NeNe Leakes:

“The rumor is offensive and very misrepresentative of Charles’ character and his unwavering respect for family. At this time, Mr. Grant is actively focused on building his career, his family life, and his personal life; which are all unrelated to Mrs. Leakes.”

So NeNe, in case you were feeling sad about starting off 2011 with divorce proceedings, be assured that Charles Grant (and Akbar Cojoe) find your connection to them offensive. Happy New Year!